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Diablo IV: after GTA 6, gameplay videos of the Blizzard game leak in turn


Decidedly, there are days when the developers of video games would probably prefer to stay in bed. A few hours after the leaks history concerning GTA 6it’s another highly anticipated title, this time developed by Blizzardwhich was the victim of large leaks : Diablo IV.

More than 40 minutes of gameplay revealed

When you are a big hack’n slash player, you have to know how to be patient: this kind of game no longer runs the streets and the series the most popular of its kind, that of Diablois slow to return to the front of the stage. Indeed, let us recall that Diablo III was released in 2012 and that since then players have only had a remake of the second episode and a mobile game with a dubious economic system to get their teeth into.

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Diablo IV is expected for 2023, but Blizzard remains very discreet about it for the time being. However, this may have to change since over 40 minutes of gameplay (a 5-minute video and another 38-minute video) leaked and can now be found online, after they were shared on Reddit right here by user iV1rus0. It’s up to you whether you want to discover them or not.

Gameplay, menus, environments… leaks rich in information

A priori, these are videos taken from a “Private Test Build”, which the members of the studio would have used to test the game internally. The videos would then come from an online session captured by the leaker – whose identity should quickly be discovered because his participant ID appears on the screen – and allow Experience Barbarian Class gameplay.

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In addition to discovering the gameplay of the character as well as its skill trees, the leaks make it possible to discover new environments and part of the menus, in particular with a shop offering many purchases to be made with real money.

If you let yourself be tempted by the discovery of leaked videos, however, keep in mind thatthis is not the end product of Diablo IV, just as it is not the case for some 90 videos of GTA 6 which leaked following the huge hack that Rockstar suffered just yesterday.

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