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Elden Ring: 10 hidden details in the game’s lore From Software


All fans of Games FromSoftware will tell you: understanding the story of one of their games requires personal and collective investment, meeting in a forum and becoming investigators to connect the dots to draw an immense fresco of the intangible. And in this little game, the youngest Elden Ring is no exception to the rule. So here are ten plot points of the secret game which, between two homages and references, will tickle your curiosity for the title.

#1 Millicent is the child of malenia

As in other mythologies, gods and demigods intertwine to form a pantheon of family ties. Much of the game focuses on the children and stepchildren of Queen Marika the Eternal and Radagon of the Golden Order.. But there are others. Millicenta girl the player can meet in Caelid, is the lookalike of the demigod Malenia. It is confirmed later in the game that she is his descendant. On the downside, it’s unclear if Scarlet Rot was involved in the process or if it’s legit.

#2 Marika Hired The Black Knives Assassins

Some item descriptions like often tell the story. We guess that black knife assassins respond to Marika, and potentially both Fingers. This lends credence to the idea that Marika ordered her son’s death according to her plan. These are also they who slew Godwyn the Golden and started the conflict that saw the demigods tear up the territory.

#3 the mill village butchers the gods

One of the scariest areas ofElden Ring is Dominula, the village of the Altus plateau windmills. Here the player is greeted by women holding a festival like the pagan rituals. At the very top of the village is one of the Noble Sanctechair, gruesome bosses that don the skin of the gods. Everything about the design of the village indicates that this is where they flay and skin the gods, like the presence of a spirit begging to shed its hide. Moreover, by defeating the boss, the player obtains a weapon called the god skin peeler…

#4 who are the smiths of the intro scene?

From the first promotional images of the game, a big question arose. During the opening cinematic, we can see in the background someone hammering a hammer on what is possibly the Ring. The identity of this person was one of the most debated things in the game, sometimes female, sometimes male. The game will give an answer: both. The cinematic thus shows Marika breaking the Ring, and Radagon trying to reforge it…

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#5 Gowry is linked to Scarlet Rot

Scarlet Rot is worshiped by insectoid creatures (Kindred of Rot) one of which is a secondary boss. They do everything to extend its influence on the world. When you first meet Gowry, he comes across as a kind and introduces himself as Millicent’s adoptive father. He will also ask you to protect her at all costs by protecting her from infection. The latter’s quest suite reveals that Gowry has sinister intentions, but the player may learn this sooner. If you kill Gowry he will taunt you as his corpse becomes one of those insectoid creatures, and he will return each time, pointing out that there are more parasites in Caelid than the player has time to kill them.

#6 who is melina?

The latter is related to two strange concepts, destined death and a reference to the dark-eyed Queen. They have few mentions but are present in the game. The first is possibly the Rune of Death able to kill even the gods. Either way, the Noble Sanctechairs are tied to it, and she might be their leader. At this time, their identity is unknown. But when Melina opens her eyes to reveal the closed one, it is dark in color and promises to bring Fate Death to the Lord. Thus, Melina would be these two concepts united. For the moment, there is nothing to confirm this.

#7 Marika seems to be punished

A big part of the game is getting into the huge tree visible almost everywhere in the game, where Marika is said to reside. When it’s done, the player sees her body and Marika’s condition is dismal. After breaking the Ring, she is found hanging from a runic bow by the impaled wrists.. She may also have been tortured as a punishment. Especially since later, the beast of Elden will show a total disregard for his body and that of Radagon.

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#8 Melina and Ranni are related

Melina and Rani are two of the most important characters in the game. Two mysterious women who will advance the main plot. If Ranni tries to recruit the tarnishes to help him overthrow the Order, Melina offers her services and sacrifices herself for the common good (well, yours). They do not interact with each other directly, but share a connection. They have identical markings on the face, each on a different side and have the corresponding eye always closed.. Finally, even though Melina is the owner of your horse, Ranni knows him and expresses affection for him, suggesting that they have met before.

#9 Maliketh is Gurranq

Gurranq is a character that can be found quickly at the start of the game thanks to a teleportation trap. He is a peaceful cleric who allows the player to learn spells to improve builds on strength. Maliketh is more obscure and findable late game, but it’s a mandatory boss fight. Their designs are very similar and if you have completed the Gurranq questline before facing Maliketh, you will be entitled to a unique dialogue.

#10 Gideon and Seluvis were friends

Gideon Ofnir and Preceptor Seluvis are just two of the NPCs the player can encounter in the game, yet they are very oddly related. The first works for one of his own to be crowned lord of Elden, the second is a rude and dismissive mage working with Ranni to usurp the two Fingers. Some items have descriptions dealing with their former friendship, until Seluvis turned one of Gideon’s relatives into a helpless doll.

Did you like this article? There is still much to discover regarding Elden Ring. Moreover, a player has achieved a real feat to discover here.

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