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Elden Ring: a speedrunner breaks the world record by finishing the game at this crazy speed


New alert in the sphere of speedrunning since a gamer just broke the world record on Elden Ringpreviously held by Distortion2. A great performance, despite an update deployed by From Software some time ago.

Elden ring, fertile ground for speedrunners

Elden Ring came out 1 month ago all stack. And in this first month of release, the latest offspring of From Software has caused a lot of ink to flow. A veritable playground for the most seasoned players and streamers, the exploits of the players are constantly being shared on the networks. Among them, let us quote for example this player who managed to beat the Sentinel of the Tree without moving (video in support).

Like any good self-respecting soul, by the way, Elden Ring is also the favorite activity of the moment speedrunners. 2 weeks ago, for example, one of them managed to complete the game in 49 minutes and 29 seconds, which represented, at that precise moment, the world record.

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Obviously, this score was not going to sit at the top of the rankings for long. Since then, the world record has only dropped, recently reaching 30 minutes, and has again been largely exceeded. Recently, the YouTuber Hazeblade indeed crushed the world record as he completed the game in less than 25 minutes (24 minutes and 37 seconds to be precise) in Any%. This category of speed run refers to completing the game as quickly as possible, regardless of the means.

In reality, this is partly allowed thanks to a bug, called “The Zip“this new glitch which allows you to teleport around certain points on the map. This one was discovered and shared almost two weeks ago on Reddit, and users were quick to report that‘he could upset the scene of the speedrunning.

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World First Sub-25 minute Elden Ring Speedrun using a really stupid glitch we call “The Zip”. YouTube video coming soon. pic.twitter.com/dWmzEBwXt6

March 22, 2022

Hazeblade’s prowess is all the more notorious as FromSoftware released a patch last week, which significantly reduced a number of moves hitherto essential for speedrunners the most efficient. This update was widely considered “devastating” for the community of speedrunning, but despite everything, it didn’t seem to disturb Hazeblade, who therefore set a new record. But until when ?

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