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Elden Ring: here are the five best Ashes of War to use against bosses


Newborn from FromSoftware studio, Elden Ring renewed the formula of the saga of souls, while keeping the DNA. Difficult, it is also more accessible, both thanks to an open world inviting exploration, but also thanks to tools to help the player during combat, such as the ashes of war.

#1 Gravity

Without surprise, Gravity is at the top of our ranking. Already because the ashes of war are found very early in the game, on a small beach south of Limgrave. The effect of ash is easy to understand: you hit the ground, do damage around you and bring enemies closer to your position. Plus, it works on all weapons except whips and smaller ones. Moving opponents – in addition to blocking them on an animation – makes them vulnerable and can even make them fall into certain chasms. The ash of war allows multiple uses. We are sure that you have already tried many of them and we are curious to know which ones!

#2 ghostly gash

The Ghostly Slash is possibly one of the most difficult war ashes to use, since it will create a copy of you that will launch a spear charge in a straight line, replicating the move before you. Once the charge is successful, you will be able to perform another hit to the ground with your ghost. If you can be interrupted in the process, the ghost can’t, and that’s what makes her very strong. Who says copy, also says she owns your stats and your equipment. She is therefore able to apply the same penalties as you.

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#3 Holy Strike

The Pious Strike allows you, after a short prayer, to strike the ground with your heavy weapon type Ax or Mace, causing a large wave. If it hits an enemy, you recover health as well as your allies. This one is rather slow to use but can pass through obstacles. Allowing true skill spamming, hidden behind a wall. Very welcome, especially for those wishing to build their characters on the sacred. The HP gain is also very useful for crossing some difficult areas game or help a friend in multiplayer.

#4 Charge of the Prelate

The video of TYR above is quite equivocal concerning the stupidities that it is possible to do with this ash of war. This is a perfect charge for mowing down large groups of enemies with your maces or your big, colossal axe. The weapon digs into the ground, sending out waves of fire and you charge forward leaving a trail of fire behind you which will continue to wreak havoc on those who survived the charge.

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#5 Black Flame Tornado

Black Flame Tornado is one of the most popular Ashes of War. The reason is simple: the animation is visually very beautiful and the ability is powerful. They can be applied to Twin Blades, Spears, Great Spears, Halberds, and Reapers. The attack will spin you around to create a black fire tornado. Each hit will also deal fire damage and apply a black flame debuff to enemies for 2 seconds. Then, at the end of the hit, the player will hit the ground in order to create a small area of ​​additional damage around them. What more ? But these ashes – albeit very powerful – can be obtained in the late game areas. Hence the fact that they are not placed lower in the ranking.

If you liked this article, let’s not forget that the game is not free from many bugssome of which can make the fights a little too simple…

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