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Elden Ring: this cult boss has become even more powerful with the latest update


Elden Ring, the latest from the From Software studio, is a particularly demanding game, although more accessible than its predecessors. But as if he wasn’t hard enough already, it looks like the latest update accidentally made one of the hardest bosses in the game… even harder.

Elden Ringa very demanding game

If the good games are extremely numerous and the very good games can also be found quite easily, those so excellent that they leave a lasting mark on the video game industry are immediately much, much rarer. The latest phenomenon of its kind was released on February 25 and has a name Elden Ring. From Software’s open-world RPG is the spiritual heir to the souls and of Bloodborne, with whom they share many points in common.

Among these, we obviously note a challenge that is still very high. Blame it on the particularly demanding fights, especially when it comes to bosses – optional or not – of the game. From Godrick to Margit, via Radahn, they give players a hard time. This is also the case of Malenia, sword of Miquella. Already considered one of the toughest bosses inElden Ring, a bug presumably due to patch 1.04 now makes her even more difficult to defeat.

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Malenia’s Self-Regeneration

If Malenia, sword of Miquella is an optional boss that we encounter quite late in Elden Ring, it remains one of the most emblematic of the title. With his prosthetics replacing a leg and an arm, his sword as the only visible weapon and his human appearance far removed from the monstrous figures found elsewhere in the Underworld, yet it is one of the highest difficulty peaks in the game. Logical, when we know that she is at the heart of the plot and the lore of the game, and that it is around her that a large part of From Software’s communication has rested.

If this boss is so difficult, it’s because it’s much more powerful than it seems at first glance: Malenia is very lively, she has various attacks, two full life bars, and above all can recover health by attacking you. It is this last point that has been the problem since update 1.04: whereas until then, she recovered health only when she managed to hit you, she now recovers life permanently, forcing the player to expose themselves by constantly attacking them in hopes of melting their life bar.

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A mysterious bug

Even the player who calls himself LetmeSoloHer struggling now on this fight, which he nevertheless masters at his fingertips. This one has become an expert in this fight, he invites all players who wish to summon him to face this boss in their place. Yet even he has struggled since the patch was released. The proof in video: the fight will have taken him a quarter of an hour.

After checking, The patch note for Elden Ring update 1.04 does not indicate any changes to this boss fight, however. However, it seems that this bug only triggers when playing in “Online” mode, or even only when summoning other players, according to the sources. Still others indicate that this phenomenon does not occur on their side. In short, a very strange problem that we hope to see quickly resolved! In the meantime, good luck to all.

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