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Elden Ring: this new glitch simply allows you to fly


While the video game Elden Ring was released almost a month ago now, the latest title from FromSoftware continues to make headlines, with millions of players around the world. Everyone tries to understand and push the limits of the game, allowing them to discover every day the many secrets contained in the worthy heir to the saga of souls. And indeed, a player may just have found a way to completely bypass some of these limits.

a glitch discovered

The video game Elden Ring has conquered many players since its release in February 2022, bringing together players with diametrically opposed profiles. From player case to try hard, everyone wants to try this game recognized worldwide for its difficulty and level ofrequirement. And among these players, there is a category whose objective is to find all the existing bugs or glitch, thus allowing to finish the game as quickly as possible. This is more commonly referred to as speedrunners.

And for every exploit or glitch that FromSoftware tries to fix in Elden Ringyou can be sure that curious gamers, and especially those interested in speed runwill discover new ones. And one of the latest to spread to the community shows how to fly through the air with your mountmaking Torrent the equivalent of a magical pegasus, but without wings.

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In a video posted yesterday on YouTube by streamer EZScape, the latter explains how to achieve the feat, only in certain very specific places and in certain very specific circumstances, to fly. You must first mount Torrent at a specific location, and dismount when you are just above the “death plane”. After having invoked it a first time without success, it is by invoking it a second time that your mount will appear. And that’s when the miracle happens, allowing the player to gallop through the air.

The first of a long series ?

So far, the streamer has mentioned only two places where this glitch has worked. : the first in the Bestial Sanctuary, and the second on a ledge just outside the Volcano Manor. Note, however, that this is still very difficult to achieve., as you’ll need to climb a hill in a very specific location, also be in the exact location for Torrent to fall, while being close enough to a ledge not to fall yourself. While this may seem relatively simple when watching the video, the action will probably be much more difficult to achieve.

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Moreover, judging by the various comments that can be found under the video, many players have tried to reproduce the phenomenon in question, but without success. This therefore demonstrates the difficulty of carrying out such an action. Given the complexity of the glitch and the size of the game map, a lot of players are still working on this issue. We can therefore easily think that it will not be long before other places are discovered and which will make it possible to reproduce this feat.

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