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Elden Ring: warning to PC players, activating online mode can mean permanent death


A new act of piracy rages on Elden Ringas a hacker wreaks havoc in the heart of the Underworld in online mode. A practice that mainly affects PC gamers.

cheating on elden ring

Cheating has always accompanied From Software games. The practice has been in vogue since the integration of the mode online, particularly affecting players under the PC flag. games like Dark Souls 3 Where Dark Souls: Remastered are the main victims. And Elden Ring neither is is exempt. We know that many gamers use cheats in order to rot the games of many other playersand this, despite the relative tightness of theEasy Anti-Cheatthe anti-cheat system designed to catch dishonest players.

Such inconceivable practices thus push certain players to act, and this in a radical way, like Malcom Reynolds, this well-known vigilante of the souls who invests the parts of certain players by killing them, which triggers the banishment by FromSoftware. A way to alert the publisher Bandai Namco to the permeability of the anti-cheat system.

Because yes, cheating abounds on the games online, especially among PC gamers. For example, hackers have fun exploiting flaws in the multiplayer mode. The principle is simple: the hacker in question invites himself into your game and crashes it by activating a specific ability. The player then dies, and then falls into a infernal loop since as soon as it tries to reconnect, it is permanent death.

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Shared on a forum on the Reddit site, the information was then relayed by the site gaming pc. Several tweets confirm the maneuver. “There is a PC flaw that allows hackers to corrupt your savegame when you are invaded. They will first crash your game and when you restart it your character will die infinitely“, according to @EldenRingUpdate in a tweet posted on March 19.

\u26a0\ufe0fElden Ring PSA for PC players\u26a0\ufe0f

There’s an exploit going around on PC where hackers will corrupt your save file while you’re invaded.

First they will crash your game, and when you open it back up, your character will be constantly falling to their death… pic.twitter.com/8et3bl8T1I

March 18, 2022

Indeed, it is good the backup that is corrupted. Once dead, it is impossible for the player to reconnect to his save and only the message “you perished» is displayed permanently, implying the restart of the game where the last save was made. A Reddit user even explained having lost over 100 hours of gameplay with this hack.

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For the time being, there is currently no patch, and it is therefore advisable to make regular backup copies to protect yourself. Here are some tips for those who have already been trapped.

  • Save your backup to another location. By default on PC, your game saves are in C:/Users/[nom]/AppData/Roaming/EldenRing.
  • Activate the hidden files in the explorer and copy the folder on which is written a sequence of numbers. Put it somewhere else and remember to update it regularly. While the game is loading, just before the “You have perished” message appears, there is a short window during which you can press Alt + F4 to restart the game. When the game restarts, press the button that opens the map then the one that shows the list of Grace Sites and finally on the one that will make you travel to one of them.
  • At last, avoid playing online at this time, and make sure you are by going to System > Network > Launch Settings and “Play Offline.”

We hope that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco will quickly find a solution to this thorny problem.

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