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Finally, the future MacBook Air would have an M2 chip


Rumors continue to unroll the ribbon of future Apple releases. After the Mac mini M2 and M2 Pro, 9to5Mac makes its sources speak again to discuss the future of the manufacturer’s consumer laptops.

Concept: Jon Prosser and Rendersbylan

Starting with the MacBook Air which, contrary to what Ming-Chi Kuo said yesterday, should indeed work with an M2 chip under the hood (the TF Securities analyst was talking about the M1). Like the current version, this new generation of the laptop codenamed J413 will be satisfied with an M2. No MacBook Air with M2 Pro/Max on the program, which seems logical given the positioning of the computer.

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The next 13-inch MacBook Pro (J493) would also have an M2 chip in the engine, and Apple would keep the design we know (unlike the MacBook Air which would be entitled to new shapes). And why not a Touch Bar, which would stack up for the occasion!

The new MacBook Pro d

The new entry-level MacBook Pro would have an M2 chip, but would keep the Touch Bar

9to5Mac also relays an intriguing hallway noise: internally, Apple would have considered the possibility of renaming this model to “MacBook”, quite simply. However, the device should ultimately retain the “Pro” suffix: it would indeed be difficult to distinguish the positioning of the “MacBook”, which could be considered as the new entry-level, with the MacBook Air of which it is the vocation. Especially since the Pro would cost more than the Air…

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We will be put to the scent fairly quickly, since the development of these two machines would be well advanced now. By crossing our fingers very hard, it is possible that Apple will make an announcement during the year 🤞!

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