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Germany lowers fuel taxes and public transport prices


A new package of measures was announced by Germany on Thursday March 24 to counter the rise in energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine. This program will cost several billion euros.

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The government intends to set up an energy package of €300 thanks to a tax deduction. The energy tax on fuels will be reduced for three months and brought back “at the minimum European level”a reduction of 30 cents per liter for petrol and 14 cents per liter for diesel.

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Do without the car

In addition, the price of the public transport ticket will be set at €9 per month for 90 days, to convince users to do without their cars. Families and welfare recipients are likely to receive additional support.

At the same time, the German government announced that it was giving itself the possibility of ” to suspend “ the closure of some coal-fired power stations to replace Russian gas. However, it retains the objective of phasing out this fossil fuel by 2030.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine pushes Germany to reform its energy policy. Berlin had developed a close relationship with Moscow over the past twenty years in this area, importing 37% of its gas from Russia.

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