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Ghostwire Tokyo: Bethesda’s Latest Metal Plate Edition Game


The latest game from Bethesda, Ghostwire Tokyois available in a superb Metal Plate edition on PlayStation 5. It will immerse you in a universe where you will have to disentangle the true from the false.

Ghostwire Tokyo : a great adventure in the heart of Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure video game that was developed by the studio Tango Gameworks and edited by Bethesda Softworks for the playstation5 and Windows. It was released very earlier since it has been available since last march 25 and if you haven’t had the opportunity to get your hands on it yet, there is a magnificent Metal Plate edition for 85 euros.

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The story takes place in the near future in which Hannya, a masked and dangerous individual has caused the disappearance of 99% of the world’s population who are replaced by spirits and ghosts from Japanese folklore. You will play as Akito Izuki, possessed by the spirit of a detective named KK and you will have to lead the investigation. To achieve this, you will need to use KK’s powers.

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