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Google finally gives in and will allow all cookies to be refused in Europe


It took several financial penalties for Google to finally agree to give in and comply with European legislation. After a fine from the CNIL of 100 million at the end of 2020 and a new one of 150 million euros at the beginning of this year, the search giant announces a new system to manage cookies on its sites. And the big novelty is the addition of a “Refuse all” button that will allow a user to block all Google tracking cookies.

On the left, the current message that does not allow to refuse everything with a click. On the right, the future message that Google will gradually roll out.

This change will be deployed initially in France, on YouTube and the search engine page, for Internet users who are not logged in with their Google account. This will notably be the case in private mode in your usual browser. Eventually, all the countries of the European Union, as well as Great Britain and Switzerland, will also benefit from this novelty which, according to the company, required major changes in the background.

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As if to justify its delay, Google puts forward an overhaul of the operation of cookies on its sites as well as necessary work on the server side. And even if it ends up doing what was asked of it, the company does not fail to underline its opposition to this provision of the GDPR, noting that the refusal of cookies would have consequences on its own sites (understand, its own revenue), but also on the creators who share content on YouTube.

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