Home Technology hubiC: closure is approaching, so is its successor

hubiC: closure is approaching, so is its successor


If you have a hubiC account, now is the time to see what it contains because the service is about to close its doors for good. An alert email must have been sent to you in the last few days, as these published on Twitter. It is explained that ” hubiC historical offers as they currently exist will soon be discontinued » and that it is necessary to recover its files (the procedure is detailed) otherwise they will be automatically deleted.

An expiry date would have been welcome. On the other hand, it is specified that another service ” resolutely enriched and turned towards the future ” will be launched soon with “ different conditions “. There will therefore be no transfer of account – or at least of their content – ​​from the old to the new. The previous one will be turned off before.

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Octave Klaba, the founder of OVH had hinted two years ago that the idea of ​​relaunching a hubiC service on his own funds was not to be excluded. Created in 2011, hubiC lasted until May 2018, when OVH revealed its intention to no longer accept new customers without cutting off access to those already registered. The service, in its then form, was not profitable and OVH rather aimed at professionals with its various business formulas.

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