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Indiana Jones: Bethesda announces a new game and good news


While a 5th film IndianaJones is on the way and should arrive next year (with the illustrious Harrison Ford in the title role), Bethesda is simultaneously developing a video game on behalf of Microsoft and its line of Xbox Series XIS consoles. But important information has just fallen, and should please many players.

A license that needs to be dusted off

Created by Georges Lucas, Indiana Jones is an old license that started in 1981 with The Raiders of the Lost Ark. This was followed by 3 other films, a series (The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) launched in 1992, a series of novels, comics, role-playing games, toys and attractions, as well as more than a dozen video games, the latest being LEGO Indiana Jones 2: Adventure keep on going released in 2009.

This is to say how much the saga has been put aside for a while. We know that Disney bought the rights from Lucasfilm in 2012, taking with it the license of the famous adventurer played by Harrison Ford. Since ? Almost nothing. A Indiana Jones 5 is on the way, and will air on June 28, 2023, a year late. Ford, at 79, will wear his character’s leather hat and whip one last time. Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm spoke at the microphone of varietyand refused to cast new actors to take over the role of cult characters (Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan is one of them).

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An Xbox exclusive?

But beyond the next feature film, we learned last year that Bethesda was working on a brand new game from the license, and which is developed by MachineGames. Through this, we could understand that the future project was going to be Xbox exclusive, since Microsoft acquired Bethesda last year.

Nevertheless, it is whispered behind the scenes that this Indiana Jones will not be exclusive to the Xbox Series XIS. So said on the Xbox Two Podcast, Jez Corden, renowned journalist and insider in the world of video games. According to him, this idea was decided on a year ago. Corden also went on to say that the game might come out”day one” on the Xbox Game Pass, before being opened to other platforms.

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A decision that could arise froma prior agreement with Disney and Bethesda before the takeover, so that the game is multi-platform, and thus reaches as many players as possible. We obviously think of Sony and the PS5. The objective behind this being to generate maximum profits for the firm with the big ears with its archaeologist.

We know very little about this game stamped Indiana Jones, news is expected, maybe during the Xbox Summer Showcase next Sunday, June 12. The adventurer is available in any case on the side of character skins, sincea probable collaboration between LucasFilm and Fortnite could see several cosmetics from Indiana Jones.

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