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“Le Stade de Farce”: when the English press does not mince its words


The incidents that occurred at the Stade de France on Saturday evening during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool caused the foreign press to react. The English tabloid “The Sun” headlined “the Stadium of Farce”, a pun that says a lot about the vision of our British neighbors.

It is a priori a fiasco. The organization of the Champions League final on Saturday evening was marked by numerous incidents: tear gas, attempted intrusions by climbing barriers, amassed and impatient crowd often provided with counterfeit tickets… The meeting between Real Madrid and Liverpool was delayed about thirty minutes. An organization criticized by the British press and in particular by the newspaper The Sun who renamed the Stade de France to “Stade de Farce” in its Sunday edition.

UK government calls for investigation

A pun that obviously points the finger at French failures. “All light must be shed on these events,” asked the British government, which disputes the version of the French authorities on these incidents. “The pictures I’ve seen show fans with tickets waiting to go in and being sprayed with tear gas. It’s unacceptable to see women, especially children and people with disabilities being treated this way!” exclaimed Minister Chris Philip.

“I am and the whole government is shocked. UEFA must carry out a serious investigation so that we know exactly what happened,” he said.

In England, two weighty testimonies also refute the version of the facts of the French authorities. A Labor MP from Liverpool present at the Stade de France says that the incidents were caused by local gangs who came to steal tickets and try to force their way into the stadium. English police officers, also present as an observer, assure them that the vast majority of Liverpool fans behaved in an exemplary manner.

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