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Let’s thank telework for the Studio Display


Asked about the new world of hybrid work in QG, Colleen Novielli, director of product marketing for Apple explained that the Studio Display was developed to meet the needs of those who work at home. ” Before, a lot of people were happy with the experience with their laptops, because they had a desktop computer at work and only worked a little bit from home. “. But now, ” they want a big, beautiful screen on their desktop “.

To believe that Apple discovered teleworking during the pandemic! Anyway, we can only welcome the manufacturer’s return to the external monitor market, for which it has also worked a lot in the past. Unfortunately, we don’t learn much more in this two-voice interview (Kate Bergeron, vice-president of hardware engineering, is also in the game), carried out to provide after-sales service for the Studio Display and the Mac. Studio.

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With the Mac Studio, we can offer our users performance that no one, not even us, has offered so far “says Novielli. ” We are now very curious to see what people will be able to do with it “.

Kate Bergeron is still feeling a bit of the pressure that weighs on the shoulders of the teams in charge of the development of the Mac – they have not been idle for the past two years. ” When we put all the stuff together for the keynotes, and think about the performance of the products that do what we created them to do, it can get pretty intense. “, describes the leader.

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With the Mac Studio, Apple wanted to democratize pro technologies

With the Mac Studio, Apple wanted to democratize pro technologies

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