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Ligue 1: the Brest-Nantes match interrupted ten minutes following incidents in the stands


On the sidelines of the meeting between Brest and Nantes, counting for the 31st day of Ligue 1, new incidents opposed the supporters of two teams, causing the interruption of the meeting. According to the broadcaster, Prime Video, Brest supporters wanted to do battle with their Nantes counterparts.

A new problem to report in the stands of Ligue 1. The meeting of the 31st day of Ligue 1 between Brest and Nantes was interrupted for ten minutes, before resuming where it had stopped, in the 51st minute, after an attempt to intrude spectators on the pitch.

The match, which the Canaries lead 1 to 0, had already been briefly stopped in the first period due to smoke bombs thrown on the lawn by the parking lot of Nantes supporters.

The fans wanted to fight each other

According to broadcaster Prime Video, ultras from Brest tried to descend on the lawn to do battle with fans from the opposing camp. After this new incident, which occurred in the 51st minute, referee Johan Hamel decided to send the players back to the locker room, pending a decision on the continuation of the meeting.

The match finally resumed, after the announcer of the Francis-Le Blé stadium warned the spectators that a new gap would cause it to be permanently stopped. The interruption lasted a little over ten minutes.

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The 2021/22 season has been marred by several incidents in stadiums involving supporters. An invasion of the field had notably disrupted the North derby between Lille and Lens (1-0), last September.

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