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Logitech Signature M650, a new simple mouse available in two sizes


Logitech launches a new mid-range wireless mouse aimed at a very large audience. In addition to the two buttons under the index finger, the Signature M650 has two buttons under the thumb configurable with the Logitech Options + app. The area under the thumb is covered with rubber. The wheel, which also acts as a button, takes advantage of the SmartWheel technology which allows the content to be scrolled precisely or very quickly.

This new mouse is available in two sizes to suit everyone. The large model, the M650 L, is available in a right-handed version and a left-handed version (with the thumb buttons on the right). The standard model is only available for right-handed people.

Logitech promises a click that is 90% quieter than that of the entry-level M185, and with an intact tactile feel. The mouse connects to devices via Bluetooth or via the Logi Bolt USB dongle. Three colors are available: white, pink (only in right-handed version) and graphite. The two AA batteries are supposed to provide two years of battery life.

The Logitech Signature M650 is compatible with all operating systems: macOS, iPadOS, Windows, Android… It will be on sale from January 17 at € 44.99.

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