Home Technology “Mac mini M2” and “Tower” point their noses at a retailer

“Mac mini M2” and “Tower” point their noses at a retailer


Publicity stunt or bluff? B&H, New York Apple Authorized Reseller Lists Two New Mac Mini SKUssignals 9to5Mac. One is designated as a Mac mini 8/256 M2, the other a Mac mini Tower 8/256 M1P.

In one case it would therefore be an evolution of the current Mac mini to an M2 processor, in the other a Mac mini probably equipped with an M1 Pro like the 2021 MacBook Pros have. The Tower qualifier is more intriguing since it suppose another design. Suffice to say that this Gloubi-boulga calls more for skepticism than excitement.

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With the first Mac mini M1 dating back to October 2020, it’s high time it got an update. But so far the rumors have not mentioned an imminent arrival of a revision in this range. It is also uncommon for a reseller, however authorized by Apple, to have information before a launch and, above all, to display it for everyone to see.

Apple, for its part, very officially recalled at the time of the presentation of the Mac Studio, that it still had to take care of the Mac Pro to complete its hardware transition. And that will come in time. Response in just over 24 hours.

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