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macOS 13: iCloud integrated into Time Machine and a new AirPort terminal?


Will Apple offer this year a new option in Time Machine with a backup directly to iCloud? It’s that what’s next the @MajinBuOfficial Twitter account. Its author sometimes has previews of small apple accessories (shells, bracelets) but we will take his comments on software and hardware with caution. Still, the ideas are not absurd.

Time Machine in macOS Monterey

macOS 13 would thus bring an overhaul of Time Machine which would notably involve the integration of iCloud Drive as a destination for backups. In the event of a problem one could perform a full restore from Apple’s servers without running behind an external volume.

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On paper, why not. Time Machine hasn’t evolved for a few years, user data backup offers – like Backblaze – have become relatively popular and this would be a new service that Apple could charge for. It remains to consider the terms (unlimited backups in data volume or quota) and the price (Backblaze charges $70 a year).

Currently you can go up to 4 TB of storage on iCloud, by taking the Apple One Premium plan containing 2 TB and then subscribing in parallel to a 2 TB iCloud subscription.

In the same spirit, Majin Bu suggests that Apple could well launch a new AirPort terminal next November. It does not specify whether to consider a Time Capsule for backups or a simple router.

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It has now been four years since Apple stopped marketing this line of products. To the despair of those who appreciated having a product of this type signed by Apple, easier to configure and manage than the competition.

Will macOS 13 take us skiing at Mammoth?

Will macOS 13 take us skiing at Mammoth?

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