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Marvel: a game on Captain America and Black Panther announced by Disney


During the D23 Expo 2022, there were not only announcements of films and series. Indeed, video games have had their quarter of an hour with in particular the announcement of a new game developed by Skydance New Media and which will feature two superheroes well known to MCU fans, all headed by a big name in the game, Amy Hennig to whom we owe the scenario of the saga Uncharted from Naughty Dog Studios.

A Marvel game that remains mysterious

It’s been rumored for a while but it’s now official: Disney has just confirmed that a game starring Captain America and Black Panther will see the light of day.

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For the moment, this is only an announcement made during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase conference which was held on the sidelines of the D23 on September 9th. Very few details about the project are known. The plot will take place during the Second World War in Paris where the two heroes will have to fight the Nazi organization Hydra headed by Crâne Rouge. In addition to Captain America and Black Panther, other characters like a warrior from Wakanda or an American soldier seem to be playable.

The game, whose title we do not yet know, will be developed by Skydance Media to whom we owe Altered Carbon, Mission: Impossible – Fallout or Top Gun: Maverick. The scenario was entrusted to a big name because it is Amy Hennig, the screenwriter of the saga Uncharted who will be in charge of this title.

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Currently, we do not know for what date this Marvel game is planned. Only a teaser in the form of a cutscene has been unveiled. We let you find out and we continue to monitor the file to inform you as soon as we have more information.

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