Home Technology Microsoft adds live backgrounds and captions to the web version of Teams

Microsoft adds live backgrounds and captions to the web version of Teams


The web version of Teams has just inherited several features previously reserved for the application. The browser version of the videoconferencing software is indeed worse off than the full program, and Microsoft is trying to improve it little by little. Thanks to this batch of new features, users will be able to use personalized backgrounds: they can, for example, blur their living room during a meeting or add one of the models provided by Microsoft.

The live transcription function. Picture: Microsoft.

CART captions (written by a third party) are now available directly in the main window and not in a secondary window, which will make it easier for people who need them to focus on the meeting. Live captions (generated by AI) are also available, and Microsoft explains that 27 languages ​​are offered, including German, Japanese and Portuguese.

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Finally, the live transcription feature is available on the net. This will play the role of scribe and offer a written version of all the conversations: practical for users with hearing disabilities or for meetings with people who speak several languages. Latecomers will also be able to catch up in the blink of an eye on the discussions they missed.

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