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Orange: the Livebox Max offer available, the Livebox 5 is coming to Sosh


The day after the announcement of Livebox 6, Orange put its new Livebox Max offer online and made small changes to its other fiber subscriptions.

Let’s start with the cheapest offer, simply called Livebox Fibre. Good point, the uplink and downlink speeds increase a little: they go from 400 Mbit/s to 500 Mbit/s. However, this remains generally lower than what other operators offer at the same price. The rest of the subscription does not change: Livebox 5 provided, Ultra HD 4K decoder (on request at €40) and unlimited calls to landlines for €22.99/month the first year then €41.99/month.

Livebox 6 and Ultra HD 4K decoder (Livebox Max offer)

There is no change in the Livebox Up Fiber offer at €29.99/month for one year then €49.99/month. It is always the Livebox 5 which is included with a download of 2 Gbit/s shared and a upload of 600 Mbit/s. A Wi-Fi 6 repeater is available on request (€10) as is a second TV decoder or a TV key. The offer also includes unlimited calls to mobiles, 100 hours of TV recording and the Connected Home service.

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To have the new Livebox 6, in particular compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, you must subscribe to the new Livebox Max Fiber offer at €34.99/month for one year then €54.99/month. The speeds are 2 Gbit/s in download and 800 Mbit/s in uploadwhich is far from the 8 Gbit/s offered in download by Free and SFR.

This expensive subscription also includes up to three Wi-Fi 6 repeaters (€10 each), support for Wi-Fi installation, a 4G router with 20 GB/month (€10 activation fee), two years of subscription to Replay Max (MyTF1 Max and 6play Max) and 300 hours of TV recording. All Orange subscriptions include a 12 month commitment.

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Small shell in the table of Orange: the Livebox Max offer does not have an upload of 800 Gbit/s but of 800 Mbit/s.

Also note that the price of the Wi-Fi 6 repeater sold individually increases: it goes from 89 € to 109 €.

Things are also moving a bit at Sosh. Orange’s inexpensive fiber offer now includes Livebox 5 instead of Livebox 4. This is the only change, speeds remain capped at 300 Mbit/s and the optional decoder (€5/month ) is the TV 4 model. The Sosh Fiber Box costs €19.99/month for one year and then €29.99/month. This offer is non-binding.

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