Home Technology pCloud optimizes its macOS app for Apple Silicon Macs

pCloud optimizes its macOS app for Apple Silicon Macs


pCloud, provider of storage space on servers synchronized between several devices and competitor as such of Dropbox, iCloud Drive and other Google Drive, finally offers an Apple Silicon optimized macOS app. On the downloads page, you’ll find two versions, one for Intel Macs and one for anyone based on the Apple M1 chip or one of its variants.

Good news for recent Mac users, even if pCloud remains an app that is not perfectly adapted to Macs. In particular, the app still relies on macFUSE for its Finder integration and even though this well-known open-source component is also Apple Silicon optimized, it still requires reducing macOS security for its installation. We do not know if pCloud has planned to adopt the same strategy as its competitors, that is to say, to build its app on the bricks provided by Apple to integrate into the system.

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pCloud also stands out from its competitors with its aggressive pricing, including β€œlifetime” offers rather than subscription. Currently count 175 € for 500 GB of storage and 350 € for 2 TB in the cloud. There are also yearly offers, starting at €50 for 500 GB, and even monthly offers, starting at €5 for the same capacity.

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