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Place any folder in your menu bar with Folder Peek


Since Big Sur, Apple has cleaned up the macOS menu bar by bringing together several functions in the control center. Why not fill its bar again with shortcuts to its folders, for example? This is what Folder Peek makes it easy to do.

All you have to do is choose the folder that you always want to have at your fingertips so that it becomes part of the menu bar. For example, you can select the Applications folder to become an app launcher or the Downloads folder to quickly access your files fresh from the web. And nothing prevents to add several folders to the bar. You can copy, share, open and preview each file from the menu at the top of the screen.

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As always with applications from the inexhaustible Sindre Sorhus, Folder Peek is simple and has a few popular options. The utility allows you to choose for each folder a custom icon, an optional name, the size of the folder icons, a keyboard shortcut and a sort order.

Folder Peek is free and requires macOS Monterey. There are many ways you can support this developer who contributes to a myriad of open source projects.

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