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Playstation: after The Last of Us 2, this Playstation exclusive leaked before its release


The more a work is expected, the more difficult it is to keep its secrets and prevent leaks of all kinds. This time, it is a particularly anticipated Playstation exclusive that is concerned.

leaks at Playstation, a curse?

Whether in the film, music or video entertainment industry, leaks are commonplace and in addition tend to circulate very quickly via social networks. Video games are obviously no exception to this rule. So when it comes to flagship exclusives of a console where all the spotlight is on, difficult to avoid certain leaks, as is once again witnessed by Playstation.

“Once again”, because in 2020, the manufacturer had already had to deal with monumental – and proven – leaks for one of its most anticipated games, The Last of Us Part II. Screenplay, gameplay videos, much of Neil Druckmann’s project and the Naughty Dog teams had been made public. This time the leaks are not so dramatic, but still concern a highly anticipated title, Horizon: Forbidden West.

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First images and a game already available

Whereas Horizon: Forbidden West will finally land in its PS5 and PS4 versions in a little over a month, it is the second that has been cracked by what appears to be the user of a jailbroken console, that is to say, the flaws of which could be exploited and the security bypassed. Several images therefore quickly circulated on Twitter, which quickly had them deleted for “copyright infringement”, which means that it would be images taken from the game and not fakes.

Primeras imágenes In-game del próximo juego “Horizon Forbidden West” is the version of the imágenes sound of “PS4”. #HorizonForbiddenWest # PS4 #Leaks pic.twitter.com/q8ItnfWzdX

January 10, 2022

For the happiness of the smart guy behind it all, the cracked version of Horizon: Forbidden West would be that of a version with the full content of the final game and lacking only certain artistic assets. At the present time, the hacker has apparently no longer shared anything online about the Guerilla Games software, whose upgrade between PS4 and PS5 will be, for the last time, free, unlike this that had been announced.

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If you want to make sure you don’t get spoiled before the game launches on February 18, be careful though by going to your favorite social networks.

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