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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: fans want to see this much-requested feature appear there


Pokemon Legends: Arceus didn’t come out two months ago that fans are already eagerly awaiting the next games in the franchise. Titles Pokemon Scarlet and pokemon purple, these could well offer a major novelty – other than their open world – in the franchise. In any case, this is the conviction of some players.

Pokemon Scarlet and purple : towards a real renewal of the franchise?

With each new release of a stamped game Pokemonthe same criticisms abound: lack of novelties, lack of difficulty, “it was better before” (long live the first generations of Pokémon). However, productions signed by The Pokémon Company still meet with significant commercial success. And if the latest episode, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, divided the players, it is clear that he is trying to change the formula.

This episode, acting as a spin-off to the main series, offers a semi-open world and a much freer approach to fighting and especially to Pokémon hunting. A refreshing formula, although still perfectible, tainted by an inferior technique. We therefore hope that everything will be improved in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, the next two mainline games in the franchise, slated for later this year. We already know that this time we will have a real open world, probably very large, but this is not enough for some players, who hope that a second region will also be visitable.

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A will actually expressed more or less with each new game in the series, the fault of Pokemon Silver and Gold. These allowed players to explore the new region of Johto, while also giving them the opportunity to find that of Kanto, which appeared in particular in Pokemon Blue and Redthe very first games of the license.

The return of a region from Pokemon X and Y ?

Teased for the first time through a trailer mixing game images and live-action, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will take place in a region strongly reminiscent of Spain, as evidenced in particular by the architecture of certain buildings. More generally, it is the Iberian Peninsula that seems to have inspired the decor and the atmosphere of this new region, since the director Junichi Masuda would have visited Portugal during the development of the games.

And what other country is located north of the Iberian Peninsula? France ! In other words, the one which The Pokémon Company was openly inspired to create the Kalos region, which we find in Pokemon X and Y. It is therefore not impossible that this geographical proximity between France and the Iberian Peninsula inspired the studio to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. We can therefore imagine that Kalos will return in an updated version as the second explorable region of the games. After all, open-world games are getting bigger and bigger and have even recently been redefined by a certain Elden Ring, which has raised the standards thanks to many regions that can be explored very freely and very distinct from each other, as well as an underground part.

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As recently recalled GameRant, this is not the first time that players have hoped for a second region to be implemented in the same game. Already in 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield were at the center of rumors when it was learned that the Galar region would have been at war with another: many players had then hoped to be able to explore both regions, in vain. And given that The Pokémon Company already has a lot to do with evolving its formula on future games, not sure that the exploration of two distinct regions is for this year.

As a reminder, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple will be released at the end of 2022, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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