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Pokémon Scarlet / Purple: this Pokémon is making a comeback after nine years of absence


After being announced, the next games Pokemon Scarlet and Purple continue to be talked about and to attract the curiosity of fans little creatures. A leaked of one insider comes to give more more information on what the next big hit of the Licence Pokemonand it is very interesting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple : a history of legs

Currently Nintendo and Game Freak haven’t revealed much information regarding upcoming games Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Both games are planned for the Nintendo Switch and will arrive by the end of the year, as usual for Christmas 2022. Many have criticized the ninth generation for arriving much too soon. An abundance effect caused by the spin-off Pokemon Legends: Arceus released in early January 2022. Still, Game Freak is contractually bound to release a new official Pokémon game every 3 years or so. The announcement of these games was therefore very predictable, since Pokémon: Sword and Shield were released in 2019. Currently, we only have very few official images of game content otherwise two trailers presenting some new Pokémon and the next region, freely inspired by the Iberian Peninsula.

There were many characters, including the two professors of publishing, as well as some Pokémon with the starters and Legendaries of each generation. Since, many theories have multiplied. Many fans are indeed concerned that the plant-type starter Pokémon, billed as a cat, will become bipedal once it reaches its final stage. An element that will have reacted a lot on social networks. So much so that a fan came to ask one of the most respected Pokémon Insider, Riddler Khu, what it was. And the answer is not very reassuring, since he indeed affirmed that the evolution of Poussacha would indeed stand on two legs. Then the‘Insider has revealed a lot of new information regarding the upcoming gameeach more intriguing than the next.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple : a lot of new info?

Of course, when it comes to unofficial information, it is important to take the information you receive with hindsight. Even though some Insiders have made a solid name for themselves, there is always a margin of error to consider when interpreting these leaks. According Riddler Khua lot is to be expected from the next game. Already, he claims that the Pokémon Chevroom will be back, after 9 years without a presence in a game and the 6th generation. A completely forgettable pokemon but whose return will please fans of this one. Next, Riddler claimed that the Hidden Talent of Poussacha’s final evolution would be “God-Tier” meaning very strong. Each generation has a stronger starter than another, and hidden talents are remembered Turbo from Brasegali, from Libéro for Pyrobut, crea-herbe from Gorythmic or Protein for Amphinobi. Very powerful hidden talents obtained only by reproduction or by a Nintendo code drastically changing the power of the named Pokémon.

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Then the following information was claimed by Riddler Khu. The next region -whose name we don’t yet know- will see the birth of four “Waifumon” and three “husbandomon”, i.e. anthropomorphized Pokémon with an unfortunate tendency to be sexualized by some fans, such as Gardevoir, Lockpin or Felinferno. The insider teases a new “cool fish”, that the evolution of Olivini will be a regional grass-type Pokémon, that a new insect will have a Japanese name as well as many Pokémon that have never been modeled on so far. Nintendo Switch will arrive in the game. Last information and not least: Riddler Khu says legendaries can be used as mounts and that they may have alternative forms or improvements, as was the case with Rotom on Sun and Moon.

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