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Pokémon: strategic battles could change completely thanks to this ingenious idea


With its 25 years of existence, Pokémon has become an institution. The most lucrative franchise in the world constantly sees its various opuses among the biggest sales of the moment, enough to allow it to last over time. The game mechanics have remained the same since its debut, while fans are now waiting for new features. And one in particular shared his ingenious idea.

an idea worth exploring

For a long time, the Pokémon saga stuck to its founding principles, namely a defined and closed area, a linear story and turn-based battles. But after more than two decades, the franchise has evolved with, in particular, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Although the game mechanics were slightly renewed over the opuses, with the introduction of Mega-Evolutions, Z Abilities and Dynamax, the saga took a leap forward by drastically changing its gameplay. Crafting, semi-open areas, powerful and fast styles, renewed capture method, Pokemon Legends: Arceus easily embodies the beginning of a new era for Pokémon, whose inspirations are already found on the side of the next versions of the saga, namely Scarlet and Purple. A real open world will be visible there, as well as Pokémon in all areas, including cities.

What about gameplay? For the moment, it is difficult to know what these versions will really be made of. We will have to wait for a next Pokémon Direct to glean new information. These new features, many players expect even more. And recently, on Reddit, a user shared his idea to revolutionize strategic combat and more particularly double types. In a post “liked” 1355 times, this netizen known as Bulbamew explained how the double types could be modified to bring a breath of fresh air to the saga and above all, give importance to the notion of primary and secondary type:

“For example, many of the Rock Pokémon from the first generation are also Ground-type. The Racaillou, Onix, Embrilex and Ymphect families are all Rock/Ground-type. Rhinoferos was the exception, being more of a Ground/Rock-type, and as a kid, I always thought it could make a difference. After all, why make Rhino a dual Ground/Rock type if it’s exactly the same thing? But alas, it doesn’t make any difference. Heather as being the first Pokémon to have the Flying-type as its primary type also made a lot of noise, but it’s still the same Flying Dragon we’ve seen in almost every generation, so what’s the point? not make the fact that Bruyverne is a Flying primary type rather than a Dragon type make a difference in his fights?
I’m not sure what difference it would make, but if for example they made it so that you only have the STAB attacks for the primary type, or at least the boost for the primary type is bigger than for the secondary type, this could introduce different strategies. For example, Rhinoferos would have a more powerful Earthquake Ability, but Golem would have a more powerful Stone Blade Ability.
I would like it to only affect attack, not defense, I think that would be too complicated. The only negative I can think of is for Flying Pokemon since, as I said, until Heatherd, the Flying type was always secondary. But if that mechanic is added, I don’t think anyone would object to Pokemon like Pidgeot adopting the Flying/Normal dual-type.”

With this new game mechanic, the double types would thus enter a new strategic dimension. Changes welcomed by many Internet users, who wanted to push the idea even further. Thereby, the notion of STAB (for “Same Type Attack Bonus” or “Bonus Attack of the Same Type” which allows to inflict additional damage if the caster launches an Ability of its type) would increase to x1.5 for the main type (as currently but for the two types of the Pokémon) and x1.25 for secondary type. A real impact on the damage which will not come to renew the strategic fights of the franchise.

inverted double types

Only, a user named Major_R_Soul came to complete this thought with a new idea: the possibility for a Pokémon to reverse its double types. In the wild, or via reproduction, it would then be possible to come across a Poison/Plant type Herbizarre, rather than a Plant/Poison type, as usual. Better still, this same Herbizarre, more inclined to the Poison type, could learn more powerful Poison Abilities, which a Plant/Poison type Herbizarre could not learn. Similar principle for a Herbizarre of the Plant/Poison type, which could thus learn more powerful Plant Abilities and inaccessible to its companion.

A postulate that would allow Pokémon with a double type to stand out even more. Of course, adding a bit of randomness would only increase the chance needed to obtain a perfect Pokémon. Such a game mechanic would undoubtedly require the addition of an object like Stasis Stone and Destiny Knot, allowing the transmission of a specific double type via reproduction, but also new effective attacks accessible only via the possessor of a corresponding primary type. An idea that deserves to germinate even more before, possibly, being added, you never know, to the franchise.

On your side, do you think such a reworking of the notion of double type is interesting? Do not hesitate to answer us via the survey below and the comments section.

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