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Promo: 15% loyalty discount on certain Apple products at Carrefour


Carrefour is relaunching its promotions on Apple products, this time with a 15% discount in the form of a loyalty credit that can be used to pay for your in-store shopping. Many devices are affected, whether accessories such as AirPods or Apple Watch, or large products such as iMacs and iPhones. If the prices are not unbeatable and will only interest the brand’s customers, they will still be able to find some good deals.

Audio level, we can get a HomePod mini for 85 € or even AirPods Max at 424 €. The price of the AirPods 3 is interesting since they come to € 160.51, a price at the level of what the various European stores of Amazon offer in their good days.

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Promo: AirPods 3 at 160 € at Amazon Germany (- 39 €)

Promo: AirPods 3 at 160 € at Amazon Germany (- 39 €)

Some iPhone models are affected by the promotion: you can get a refund of €146.85 on an iPhone 13 256 GB, and €218.85 on the iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB. There is a way to get an iPhone 13 128 GB new for 730 € Other configurations and colors are available, but also the very recent iPhone SE presented at the beginning of the year.

On the Mac side, Carrefour has iMac M1s in stock: it is possible to recover €217.35 on the entry-level model. Several MacBook Air are also present, including the entry-level configuration or with the boosted SSD. The 512GB model, for example, drops to €1,190 and the 128GB version comes in at €960, which is a bargain. A few 13″ MacBook Pro M1s are also discounted, but not the 14″ and 16″ versions.

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This offer is valid until May 31. Note that the brand also offers vouchers which will be sent on June 8: €15 from €200, €25 from €300, €55 from €500, €100 from €800 of purchase. These will be valid for two weeks, and more information is available here.

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