Home Technology Promo on towers and power strips, with or without HomeKit

Promo on towers and power strips, with or without HomeKit


It’s spring, it’s time to tidy up and, for once, Amazon has started a flash sale on the Koosla power strip tower. The accessory is relatively compact on a table but you can connect up to 12 electrical outlets distributed around its three floors. In addition, two sides have 3 USB sockets each.

Finally, each row of four outlets can be turned off independently of the others, with a switch, and overvoltage protection is provided. This tower is currently sold for 34 € instead of 39, in black or white, with a 2 m mains cable. The same product exists with a very long 5 m cable, sold for €37 instead of €44.

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The previous solution is not HomeKit. If this is an important criterion and you don’t need a ton of sockets, the Meross power strip compatible with Apple’s home automation platform has a 15% discount. This block has four mains sockets (which can be controlled independently in the Home app) and as many USB sockets is €46.74 instead of €55.

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