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ProtonMail becomes Proton and unifies its secure online service offering


ProtonMail changes everything from floor to ceiling. The Swiss secure email service is renamed Proton for short, and above all it is revamping its different formulas with one key word: unifying its different services. Because Proton is not just an email, it’s also online storage, a calendar and a VPN.

For the occasion, a new graphic charter has been established to easily identify all the members of the family of services, and the interfaces have also been dusted off.

Three subscriptions are now offered. The free account is still in the game, it includes an email address (in @proton.mecurrent users in @protonmail.com have the option to use the new one if they wish) limited to 150 messages per day, 25 MB of attachments, 3 folders, 3 labels and a custom filter.

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Free subscribers will also find 1GB of end-to-end encrypted storage in ProtonDrive, double what was previously offered. There is also a personal calendar (without the possibility of sharing it), as well as a “medium” speed VPN connection by connecting to one of the hundred servers spread over three countries (United States, Netherlands and Japan).

The Mail Plus plan at €3.99 per month offers 15 GB of total storage, 10 email addresses, a custom email domain, no sending limit for messages, unlimited folders, labels and filters, IMAP support, 20 personal calendars with the option of sharing, and the same VPN offer as the free account.

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Finally, the Unlimited subscription at €9.99 per month includes 500 GB of storage, 15 e-mail addresses, 3 personalized e-mail domains, the Mail Plus calendar offer and above all a full VPN: 10 connections, access to 1 700 servers in 60 countries, possible access to streaming services, support for Tor…

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