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PS5: a new leaked console, here’s why it will change everything


In a few months, the PS5 of sony will celebrate its two years. Two years of success, but also of shortage. And while we recently learned that new models lighter would be released in the near future, this is still a new model of PlayStation 5 which should see the light of day, and change a lot of things.

Two PS5 models soon to be replaced?

If the Game Pass allowed Microsoft to raise the Xbox Series coast, the ninth generation of consoles remains for the moment largely dominated by Sony and its Playstation 5, despite the shortage far from over. Because when the PS5 is available, it sells like hot cakes, in particular thanks to quality exclusive games, including the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok.

As a reminder, there are currently two very distinct models of PS5: the “classic” model, first (now at €550), offering the best possible performance as well as a Blu-ray player, but also the 100% digital version, without a drive and offering slightly worse performance for a lower price of €100. But now, Sony would work on a new PS5 which would reconcile these two models.

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A new mixed PS5 model

The information comes to us straight from Tom Henderson, journalist and insider always very well informed, who reveals to us that according to his sources, Sony is currently working on a new model of PS5 whose launch would be set for September 2024 at the latest. Apparently, this would not offer any significant technological evolution, but would allow players to no longer having to choose between classic PS5 and digital.

In effect, it would be a digital model, but to which could be connected, probably via USB-C, a removable Blu-ray player sold separately, or within packs probably sold at a higher price. This “D-frame PlayStation 5” model would be a little lighter and more compact than its predecessors and would eventually replace them. On the other hand, no information has been communicated concerning its potential price, and it will therefore be necessary to wait for Sony to deign to communicate around its new PS5.

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