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PS5: barely out and faced with shortages, Sony is already thinking about the development of the PS6


It was at the end of 2020 that Sony launched the PS5, its next-gen console. Players from all over the world flocked to it causing supply problems and the shortage of computer chips did not help matters. Even if the console is difficult to obtain, Sony is already thinking about the future because the Japanese brand is already looking at its future little sister.

A job offer to develop the future PS6?

In any case, this is what a job offer published a few days ago on LinkedIn suggests. It is the AMD company which is looking for a SoC verification engineer. We can thus read that the company, which has also developed the 3rd generation Ryzen of the PS5, is working on the development of next-generation chips :

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The team behind the chip powering XBOXTM, PlayStationTM and the latest RDNA family graphics chip is recruiting for its Markham site in Canada for the next generation chip development project!

Clearly, the firm has therefore started the development of the chips that will equip the next next-gen consoles including the PS6 or the Xbox Series X 2.

The PS6 on our shelves in 2027?

It is not surprising that Sony or Microsoft are already thinking about the future. As a reminder, the PS5 was announced two years after the release of the PS4 and the generation of a console is seven years on average. In addition, in 2019, a year before the launch of the PS5, Sony had registered all trademarks ranging from the PS6 to the PS10. If the Japanese company operates as usual, the PS6 could therefore see the light of day by 2027.

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Of course, before getting carried away on the arrival of the replacement for the PS5, Sony should previously release a PS5 Pro a little later than expected because of the situation in Ukraine. Console development kits last March.

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