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PS5: Sony lagging behind, a Youtuber develops this revolutionary controller for the disabled


Playing on the console when you have a disability can be very complicated. If the Microsoft side at Microsoft has already offered an adaptive controller for the Xbox One in 2018, at Sony, the people affected by this problem are still waiting for a solution to be proposed. Therefore, a YouTuber decided to take the problem in hand by proposingt an adapter to be able to play the PS5 with one hand.

A revolutionary accessory to help the disabled

Indeed, this Youtuber is called Akaki Kuumeri and he decided not to wait for Sony to react. So he imagined and developed an adapter to be attached to a DualSense in order to allow playing the PS5 with one hand.

For this he imagined an adapter that is attached to the controller and which offers the player the possibility of accessing all the controls of the DualSense. Regarding the directional cross, even if it is less used, it is possible to activate it with one hand with a second accessory which may be a little bulky.

3D printed, the accessory can thus move to enjoy it by placing the controller on a flat surface.

The designer of this accessory had the idea of ​​making it when he wanted to play alone at It Takes Two playable only for two. He then developed this tool with a right-handed version and a left-handed version.

For this adapter for DualSense, Akaki Kuumeri does not wish to market it. He preferred share your plans which are free to download if you want to make it yourself, on condition of course that you have the means to buy yourself a 3D printer.

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