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PS5: Sony will finally offer this long-awaited feature


Since its launch in November 2020, it is still not easy to get your hands on Sony’s latest console. The PS5 is facing component shortages and supply issues. If you are one of the lucky ones to have been able to get the PS5, one of the main criticisms of the console is its lack of backwards compatibility. Indeed, with an impressive library of games, many people regret not being able to play cult titles on the new machine. Corn it could be that the Japanese firm has found the solution.

Sony finally listens to the critics

One of the main criticisms that fans regularly level at Sony is the impossibility for them to be able to launch old games, to remember good memories of games, on the latest console offered by the manufacturer.

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Yesterday we learned that Sony had decided to launch the production of one million PlayStation 4 by the end of the year in order to overcome the supply problems, it would seem that to calm things down, the company has finally heard the recurring criticism regarding PS5 backwards compatibility.

A strange patent that could delight players

As reported by the site DuaShockers, Sony would have filed a patent which shows that the teams who designed the new console would have found a way to allow players to run games from PS1, PS2 and PS3 on the PS5. From what we can understand is that the Japanese firm would have turn to a software solution to solve the problem.

New @cerny patent sure@sounds like he’s nailed BC for older #PlayStation consoles pic.twitter.com/7n8zyzjcic

January 12, 2022

A patent titled Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control (which can be translated as “Backwards compatibility through the use of a false clock and fine-grained frequency control”). This patent was registered Mark Cerny, the architect of the console. Will Sony finally offer this long-awaited feature by players when the company had assured that the hardware of its new console could not offer it for all PlayStation games?

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Hard to say at the moment and nothing is official. We can very well file a patent but nothing says that it will be implemented. But let us point out that Sony seems to want to find a solution and respond to fans. Let’s wait and watch what the firm has in store for us.

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