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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Capcom’s long-awaited game gets a first trailer and a release date (video)


Mythical license of the survival-horror genre, Resident Evil is a bit like the goose that lays the golden egg for Capcom. Logical, therefore, that the publisher continues to ride on its success by officially announcing the remake of the fourth episode, while offering a first trailer as well as a release date!

A highly anticipated remake, logically formalized

Whether you are a cinephile or not, whether you play video games regularly or very little, you necessarily know the license resident Evil. If the cinematographic saga has met with great success despite questionable quality and a failed reboot in 2021, Resident Evil, it is above all a video game saga started in 1996. It quickly gained cult status with gamers, so that seven other main games, spin-offs and other remasters have since emerged.

But if we except Resident Village, released last year Capcom now seems to be focusing on remakes, preferring to surf on the popularity of the old opuses of the license by bringing them up to date. A profitable decision given the success of the remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019 and that of Resident Evil 3 the following year, despite a more mixed critical reception.

In the logic of things, a remake of the fourth numbered episode of the license had to end up pointing the tip of his nose. Rumors and clues on this subject have been multiplying for years now, and for good reason: Capcom has finally formalized the return of Resident Evil 4 for next year!

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A promising first trailer

Released in 2005 on Gamecube then on PS2, before appearing on many other platforms in a more or less remastered way, Resident Evil 4 is probably the most popular and cult game of the license. A status that it owes to its innovative gameplay for the time, the title then revolutionizing TPS (third person shooters) thanks to its dynamic gameplay and its camera placed just behind our character. A gameplay which will obviously be brought up to date in the remake but which will not be distorted for all that, Capcom wishing to keep “the essence of the original game”, as evidenced by the first trailer unveiled last night at the State of Play organized by Sony.

As the first images of the game seen in this trailer show, the main interest of this remake will logically be the improvement of its visual aspect, since Resident Evil 4 underwent the same treatment as episodes 2 and 3, getting a nice facelift thanks to the prowess of the RE Engine used since Resident Evil VII. The result should be high-flying, since “many members of the Resident Evil remake production team 2″, having already acquired experience, “are working on the development of this new title”.

Release date announced

Finally, how not to mention the elephant in the room with the release date already announced, appearing in huge characters and black on white at the very beginning of the trailer: on March 24, 2023. A fairly rare practice, but which allows players to be hyper as much as possible from the first seconds! For neophytes, Resident 4 puts you in the shoes of Leon Scott Kennedy, already appeared in the second opus and here responsible for finding Ashley, the daughter of the President of the United States. Visibly held prisoner by the sect of “Los Illuminados”, the young girl happens to be a real drag for the day in the original game, so we hope that this remake will improve her AI.

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While waiting to discover more, we remind you that the remake of Resident Evil 4 will be available from March 24, 2023 and will be exclusively next-gen (PC, PS5 and Xbox Series).

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