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Retro MacG: the Studio Display that those under 20 cannot know


If the Mac Studio has a brand new name, this is not the case for its companion, the Studio Display. The Studio Display brand necessarily evokes something to customers who knew Apple before the iPod, since it was the name of a range of screens from 1998 to 2004.

Apple Studio Display 15″ from 2000

When the choice comes down to today between the expensive Studio Display and the astronomical Pro Display XDR, realize that in the early 2000s, Apple had two lines of monitors: the Studio Display and the Cinema Display. The difference between the two ? The former had a 4:3 aspect ratio, while the latter had a more elongated 16:10 format.

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The Studio Display that we have dusted off (model M2454) is the one that accompanied the Power Mac G4 Cube in 2000. It was sold for 5,240 F, a sum that Florian took out of his own money when he worked at SVM Mac. At the time, we weren’t talking about 4K, let alone 5K. With a diagonal of 15″, this LCD screen had a common definition of 1024 x 768 pixels. We did not ask ourselves the question of whether the absence of HDR was detrimental or not, the brightness did not exceed 230 nits and 300:1 contrast… and it didn’t stop working.

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