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Shooting in New York: a main suspect can be identified


In the United States, the manhunt continues in New York this Wednesday morning, after the attack which left 23 injured in the subway on Tuesday. Their days are not in danger, according to the New York police chief, who for the moment dismisses the terrorist track. A man may have been identified as the prime suspect.

A manhunt in New York. Authorities are still actively looking for the man who opened fire on passengers in the American city’s subway on Tuesday. None of the 23 injured in the attack is in mortal danger according to the police, who for the moment dismiss the terrorist track. She may have identified a man as the main suspect.

This is Frank James, a 62-year-old African-American. In videos on YouTube, he claims to be filled with hate, anger and bitterness and talks about race war. According to the police, he would have rented a van whose keys were found in the car where the shooting took place in the business community, which would belong to the author of the attack.

Many dangerous personal effects

Among those belongings, authorities found a nine-millimeter pistol, three rounds of ammunition, an axe, fireworks and gasoline. The police do not yet know if Frank James is really the aggressor, or if he is only an accomplice.

What is certain is that the attack was brutal. At 8:30 a.m. during rush hour, a man dressed in a construction jacket, helmet and gas mask threw two smoke bombs into a subway car before opening fire. He fired 33 times, wounding a dozen people before fleeing. Police are now offering $50,000 to anyone who provides information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

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