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Sigfox taken over by UnaBiz, an IoT specialist


Placed in receivership at the beginning of the year, Sigfox will be taken over by UnaBiz, a specialist in the Internet of Things. “This is excellent news, even if the decision results in 60 layoffs”commented Antoine Maïer, a staff representative of the French company, after the decision of the Toulouse commercial court.

“Apart from being the best bidder on the social level, UnaBiz also has a corporate culture very close to ours”, he explained. While three finalists were selected by the court, Sigfox employees and management voted in favor of the offer from UnaBiz, which operates its low-speed “0G” network for connected objects in Singapore and Taiwan. .

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UnaBiz, created by French people but based in Singapore, announces that “During this transition period, 110 jobs will be preserved out of a total of 174.” The buyer will pay 3.3 million euros to take over the assets and contracts of Sigfox and 300,000 euros for the French subsidiary.

“The new Sigfox will reinvent itself and collaborate with other LPWAN technologies such as Lora, LTE-M and NB-IoT to seize new development opportunities”said Henri Bong, co-CEO of UnaBiz, who was in the past commercial manager of Sigfox in Asia.

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