July 26, 2021

Kleos Space finalizes Design review on a second KSF1 Satellite Batch

Kleos Space has taken a step forward in its journey in the space industry. Why not when the Company recently successfully finalized a hardware critical design review on the second satellite bunch of the KSF1, Polar Vigilance Mission. This milestone coincides with the Company’s mid-year launch preparations. The launch is a most-waited deal for the Company, and it will occur on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Currently, this German-based space Data-as-a-Service company has a rideshare partnership with Spaceflight. Inc.

For the testing phase, the KSF1 satellites were under a popular Satellite developer, ISISpace, who undertook all the necessary tests in the Netherlands’ offices. After the successful testing stage, the satellites will venture into the assembly and verification stage before integrating, testing, and launching. If the launch is successful, as experts predict, the KSF1 satellites will head to the Sun Synchronous Orbit 500 to 600 km.

In orbit, they have a key mission: detecting and geolocating radio frequency transmissions to deliver global activity-based intelligence for both commercial customers and the government. In an interview with Andy Bowyer, Kleos Space CEO, he spoke of how the Company is excited with the latest development. According to Andy, getting to the assembling and verification stage is crucial since it means that the Company is a few steps away from the mid-year 2021 launch.

Kleos Space’s first batch of KSM1 was launched successfully in November 2020 in India’s PSLV polar Launch Vehicle. Later, the Company raised over $13.8 million in funding from new and existing investors such as the Bell Potter Securities and the Evolution Capital Advisors. This project under the Kleos Space is vital since the Company has a contract to deliver Radiofrequency geolocation intelligence data to the US Air Force Research Laboratory and the Utah State University Space.

In 2020, Director Karyn Hayes Ryan of Kleos Space Project spoke of the contract and the Company’s capabilities. Hayes talked of satellites and data, which can enhance the defense capabilities and deliver timely information on any illegal action that can damage the environment and economics.

The finalization of the design review but early march means that the Company will have to stick with the schedule and match the most-awaited launch by mid-year. Kleos Space development team is working hard in the assembling phase, hoping to reach the Company’s calendar. Later, more stages will come before the launch. Experts claim that with the dedication the space company has, it will likely meet its target. However, all these are speculations that only time can confirm. Space lovers hope to witness a historic launch this year from Kleos Space.