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Steam: 6 disturbing adult-only games


If you also like to play video games and buy new ones that you’ll never play, just to fill your library, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we decided to have a little fun by listing some of the games Steam the most popular in a very specific category: adult games. Sometimes funny, often annoying, or both at the same time, there is something for everyone. Small disclaimer before starting: our professional conscience stopped to identify games of this genre, not to test them. We therefore do not guarantee (at all) their in-game quality.

1) crush crush (free to play)

Humor and flirtation with girls who don’t exist: here is what you offer Crush Crush, “a fun flirting game to kill your boredom and to die of laughter”. The principle is therefore simple and globally corresponds to that of a dating site, in which trade you with several “crushes” that you try to seduce in real time. Nothing too bad a priori, but the game offers some explicit dialogues and images, even more pronounced in its uncensored version called Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored. For the sake of parity, know thatthere is also a version in which you have to flirt with men: Blush Blush.

2) Sakura Hime 2

In the kingdom of fairies, Sakura Hime 2 allows you to surround yourself with “many pretty girls” the time of a trip “breathtaking” and “sexy”. Very short, the game alternates between phases of particularly simple puzzles whose aim is to reconstruct certain shapes, and dialogues with young women looking like cats, rabbits or even witches.

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3) Seek Girls: Fog I

Seek Girls: Fog I is presented as an adventure and strategy game, in which the goal is to rescue young women trapped in a mysterious fog. The title insists on its scenario, while you are presented as a warrior recruited by the king himself. And if it’s true that Seek Girls: Fog I seems to have slightly more depth than the other games on this list, in particular by offering gameplay that obviously requires (a little) thought, it is not he who will put women in the spotlight. He actually mentions “many cute and sexy girls” who are “waiting to be rescued”. We imagine that rescuing animals, men or less attractive girls would have been less of a seller.

4) The series of NEKOPARA

The NEKORA are adult visual novels in which humans live alongside “Neko”, female cats who can serve as pets. A dubious pitch, even more so when you know that NEKOPARA Vol. 0 adds the possibility of caressing the characters, which will react in different ways depending on the place concerned. We find there nudity scenes barely concealed in baths, chests that move in all directions and obscene dialogues.

5) What if your girl was a frog

We mentioned the widespread fantasy of women-cats in the previous point, but do you know that of the frog? Me no. However, What if your girl was a frog highlights a young woman dressed as a frog, or rather “a frog, but magical”, responsible for taking care of a boy, one way or another. In what looks like a mini puzzle-game in which you have to reconstruct scenes, you therefore have the opportunity to observe the frogwoman massaging her friend, getting out of the shower or licking mirrors. Let’s thank the game’s page on Steam, which mentions the fact that the game is not “not conducive to watching at work”.

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6) Bunny Girl Story

A woman with an (extremely) generous breast, another with rabbit ears, yet another languidly tasting a carrot… This is what you tease, among other things, the first trailer of the game’s Steam page Bunny Girl Story. We will not surprise anyone by stating that the gameplay once again revolves around a system of puzzles and that it is not really the heart of the title. We salute all the same the nerve of the description of the game, which puts forward a “thinking game”a “relaxing music” and, of course, a “beautiful work of art”.

If you want even more, you were offered two adult games that managed to be considered “the best new Steam releases” a few years ago. Otherwise, we have a wider selection of disturbing games to offer you right here!

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