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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: this announcement from the creator of the game will break the hearts of fans


Last week, we presented this leak concerning the versions Scarlet and Purple of Pokemon which was likely to make starters fans cry. And today it seems to be another cult license from nintendo who is the target of sad news, risking once again to make the fans cry, but this time those of Smash Bros..

the end of a good time

Released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in late 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fifth and final installment in the series of Smash Bros., the famous combat and platform video game developed by Bandai Namco and Sora Ltd. The game then provides the player with a myriad of cult characters present in the various Nintendo franchiseswhere we can notably find Pikachu from PokemonLink of The Legend of Zeldaor even Mario from mario bros. But the game also allows you to embody characters from licenses that do not belong to Nintendo, like Cloud from Final Fantasy VIIbut also Snake from Metal Gear Solidand many others.

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And Masahiro Sakurai, one of the emblematic figures of Nintendoknown in particular for being the creator of the character of Kirby, but also of the license of Smash Bros.has shared sad news about the popular fighting game with fans. Those who follow Sakurai on social media have grown accustomed to seeing him post every day. a new image associated with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and has been for some time now. But it seems that this weekly meeting is about to come to an end.

In a post shared yesterday on Twitter, Sakurai said he was almost out of screenshots of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to share with the fans, thus regretting having to put an end to this “part of his work”, which had become a ritual that he appreciated just as much as the fans. Find below the publication of Masahiro Sakurai:

Posting daily Smash Ultimate screens has been part of my workday ritual for a while now…but it’s looking like I’ll run out sometime in August.

I even took around 200 new ones as we were wrapping up development, so it’s hard to believe they’re already gone. Time sure does fly! pic.twitter.com/MbIGtcRJxI

August 1, 2022

Posting daily Smash Ultimate screenshots has been part of my work ritual for quite some time now… but it looks like I’ll run out sometime in August.

I even took about 200 new ones as we finished development, so it’s hard to believe I’ve made it to the end yet. Time is definitely passing!

Although this news does not affect the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as such, this revelation still upset many fans, evidenced by the many reactions to her post. And while the game’s development largely ended with the addition of Sora late last yeara number of fans felt that the title continued to stay alive thanks to Sakurai’s continued promotion.

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