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SystemSix: a retro digital calendar resembling the first Macintosh


Developer John Calhoun recently introduced his latest invention: a connected calendar in the shape of the very first Macintosh. Called “SystemSix”, it is in fact a support on which is grafted a 5.83″ e-ink screen which rotates thanks to a Raspberry Pi 3. It allows you to display several elements: the next six events your calendar, weather forecast, moon cycle and a ‘trash can’ icon that can change on certain days to act as a reminder.As a bonus, a window presents a random selection of retro icons that will change daily.

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, the calendar is not interactive: everything is static and only the events configured by the user evolve. Every day the layout of the calendar changes and the windows are rearranged. The source code is written in Python and is available on GitHub for the curious.

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The SystemSix interface.

On his blog, the developer goes into more detail on how he assembled his calendar and in particular recreated the OS trying to be as faithful as possible to the original aesthetic. He tells the genesis of the project, how he had to redesign the interface to avoid display bugs or how he made the custom acrylic support. If the name of John Calhoun means something to you, it’s normal: he is the creator of Glider, a game released on macOS in 1988.

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