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Tesla multiplies the openings of superchargers just before the summer holidays


Tesla announces the opening of the eight hundredth supercharger station in Europe and it is located in France, in Avignon. With its 28 fast chargers, all of which can deliver up to 250 kW to the brand’s electric cars, it symbolizes the rapid expansion of the brand’s charger network. It currently has more than 3,500 stations and more than 35,000 terminals worldwide, including more than 120 stations and nearly 1,500 terminals in France alone.

The brand new Avignon supercharger (Tesla image).

As it did last year, the manufacturer has also accelerated its deployment efforts in France just before the summer holidays. In June alone, no less than eleven stations were opened in the country: in addition to Avignon, Tesla opened superchargers in Blagnac near Toulouse, in Châtellerault, Metz, Montpellier, Poitiers, in Neuville-en-Ferrain near Roubaix , in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois near Geneva, in Saint-Quentin, Tournus and even in Brest where, but yes, holidaymakers come in the summer. The peak probably took place yesterday, with 5 new stations and more than 100 terminals added in a single day.

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The Tournus supercharger, ideally located along the A6 (Tesla image).
And that of Brest, ideally located… sheltered ☔️ (Tesla image).

Will all these additional terminals be enough to avoid crowds this summer? Not sure, because the electric car market has exploded in a year and we expect difficult days for the biggest days of departures and arrivals in July and August. Especially since Tesla has opened several of its stations to all vehicles, and especially since competing networks are still undersized, Ionity in the lead with its stations still too often limited to four terminals.

Faced with these small stations, Tesla favors quantity with supercharger stations which now regularly exceed 20 terminals and for some even exceed thirty charging points. The largest in Europe is located in Norway, king country for the electric car, with a station that has 44 terminals.

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