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TESO: With High Isle, Bethesda’s MMORPG raises the bar even higher


After Greymoor and Blackwood, The Elder Scrolls Online will see its sixth expansion released next June. Baptized High Isle, it offers players the opportunity to reach the Hautes-Îles as well as the prison of Amenos, two new regions. Another addition, the arrival of a card game integrated into TESO : Tales of Glories. A sixth extension that we were able to test.

an extension that is worth a look

After a year of waiting, the players of The Elder Scrolls Online will finally be able to discover the next expansion of the MMORPG from Zenimax and Bethesda. Known as High Isle, this sixth expansion will take players to the High Isles and Anemos prison. Two new regions that should completely disorient players. And for good reason, the first is a paradise island, calm and sunny, refuge of the wealthiest Bretons. The second is an island prison that you will not fail to discover from top to bottom, or almost.

With this new extension, TESO continues to play the storytelling card by chapter, distilled throughout the year. A screenplay choice that is not new, but which is still just as effective, thus offering regular fresh content. And as with any extension, the MMORPG expands its key content. After the companions of Blackwood and its Dead Lands, now this sixth extension plays the card of the integrated card game. A card game that looks like Gwent from CD Projekt which invites two players (the confrontation is also possible against NPCs) to confront their respective decks.

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An extension that we were able to discover a little before its release, in a version far from being final, but which allowed us to discover the main lines. At first, High Isle plays the card of the new region, devoid of lore, that the studio has been able to create on its side a close link with the main teams of The Elder Scrolls. A start from zero (or almost) which allowed Zenimax to integrate a slight grain of madness at times. A refreshing tone that should satisfy both casual gamers and heavy gamers. Despite everything, the quests of this High Isle remain classic. Quests in the spirit of TESO (and of The Elder Scrolls) which remain effective.

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The main quest is more interesting than the previous ones, probably thanks to the political issues that govern this extension. The entire universe of TESO is not targeted by a particular big bad, the threat of the moment focuses on the High Islands. A main quest where dialogue takes precedence that will send you straight into the nets of the Ascending Lord, the main antagonist of this expansion. As mentioned a little above, this extension takes us in the direction of the Hautes-Îles, a paradise area dotted with coastal towns and villages. Often vertical medieval towns still as rich in activities. Two new companions make their appearance, through classic dedicated quests, but appreciable.

Unfortunately, during this preview, we weren’t able to try Tales of Glory, the Gwent-style card game introduced in this new expansion. A new extension that comes to refine the quality of life of the players, with expected additions, like the Stones of Mundus now found via the Armory system. High Isle must now submit to the judgment of the players on the occasion of its release on June 6th.

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