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The iBook, an iPad (and an Apple Watch charger) like any other


With its generous shapes and acid colours, the “clam” iBook made an impression in 1999-2000. This laptop, whose kinship with the iMac of the same period is obvious, was replaced in 2001 by the much wiser iBook Dual USB with its all-white casing and the absence of a handle. But all those who had in their hands the first generation of this computer still remember it with emotion.

@skipperfilms Once a year I find the patience and drive to do something like this. Love this #ibookg3 to #ipad conversion! #fyp #foryoupage #3dprinting ♬ Rasputin – Majestic & Boney M.

Which brings us straight to this great luxury DIY: Billy “Skipper” Hughes, videographer and editor in civilian life, had the idea of ​​transforming an iBook into a stand for iPad Pro (a 2017 model) with its keyboard equipped with a trackpad. Bonus: the hacker has also installed a support for Apple Pencil as well as a charger for Apple Watch! All powered by a 10,000 mAh battery.

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Weak stomachs can be reassured: the iBook that was used during this tinkering was no longer functional at all, it was going to go in the dumpster. So of course, there is a bit of work in all that (including a 3D printed support), but the integration is clean and what class all the same. Billy is currently adapting this iBook to a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro (it’ll fit!).

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