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The Last of Us: the two video games that inspired the HBO series are at record prices


As fans of the Naughty Dog license eagerly await the release of the HBO series The Last Of Usboth video games are currently on sale.

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One of PlayStation’s finest exclusives, the saga The Last Of Us is a hell of a video game tour de force. With an extremely cinematographic style (the paste of the Naughty Dog studio), the license plunges us into the post-apocalyptic world, aftera fungus has infected much of the population, turning them into blood and flesh thirsty beasts.

In The Last Of Us, we embody Joël, a father bereaved after the accidental death of his daughter, who takes under his wing Ellie, a young girl immune to the epidemic, and which could well be the solution to save humanity from this disaster. In the second game, we follow the adventures of an older Ellie, embarked on a particularly savage revenge.

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Offering endearing and complex characters, a story that is both moving and chilling, a particularly addictive gameplay, the two The Last Of Us are among the best video games in history. Good news for those who still haven’t played the two games made by Neil Druckmann: they are both on sale, at record prices !

Usually sold at 19.99 euros, The Last Of Us Remastered is available today from 9.99 euros ; as to The Last Of Us Part. IIhe finally drops below 20 euros. Note that if these are PS5 games, they are PS5 compatible. Something to satisfy the most impatient, who are waiting for the release of the HBO series, unfortunately postponed!

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For those who prefer to invest in a Nintendo game, we recall that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HDreleased last July on Nintendo Switch, is also reduced.

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