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The Quarry: The Horror Video Game of the Summer is available for pre-order today


The Quarry developed by the Supermassive Games studio and published by 2K Games wants to be the horror game of the summer of 2022 and to achieve this it is greatly inspired byUntil Dawn, released in 2015.

The Quarry : an ultra scary game

If you are a fan of horror games, The Quarry should give you good feelings since it is announced as a spiritual sequel toUntil Dawn.

Regarding the story, you will have to control 9 different teenagers who will have to survive a night of horror. You will have to make the right decisions, but each of them will have an impact on your relationships between friends, but also on the development of the character and the plot. By the way, the developers have set up more than 10 ways to die for each of them.

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In The Quarry, you will also have several game modes, such as the movie version where the different elements such as aiming and buttons are removed from the screen. You can also choose to let the story be made by adjusting the personality traits of the characters beforehand. There is also a local or online multiplayer mode with a voting system for key decisions.

You can pre-order the game from 54.99 euros:

And if you like manga Made in Abyss, there is the video game for pre-order.

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