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The Witcher: CD Projekt Red responds to the main theory around the medallion


While a treasure hunt was gradually orchestrated since the announcement of a new saga The Witcherone of the eminent members of the famous Polish studio CD Projekt Red, did not fail to arouse the curiosity of fans, by fueling the fire around a big theory.

New trilogy, the fanbase is hyped

From a simple image announcing the launch of a new video game saga The Witcher, was born a veritable hunt for information, which resulted in speculation that swells as the tweets accumulate. Remember: two days ago, on March 21, CD Projekt Red claimed, via a press release, thata new project around The Witcher would see the light of day and was being developed on the Unreal Engine 5, the engine of Epic Games. This signing in passing a new technological partnership with Epic. A real added value.

This announcement, which is already salivating, is accompanied by a relatively mysterious visual, namely an image of a medallion half buried in the snow accompanied by a sentence “A new saga begins ” (“A new saga begins”in French).

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Cat? Lynx? Fake?

Obviously, nothing more was needed for the aficionados of the famous witcher unsheath their more or less smoky theories. Among them, the fact that the medallion in question would belong to the School of the Cat, one of the official witcher schools, attests to its slender shape. But this speculation is also due to the fact that Ciri wears it around her neck, which fuels rumors around the idea that she would be the main character of this new trilogy.

For others, it is the Lynx school medallion, due to the pointed ears seen. This new school creates ashes of the school of the Cat after the events of The Witcher 3 would be, chronologically, more plausible. Problem: this school is a pure fanfictionwhich therefore has no concrete basis.


Another failed hypothesis? Not that much. CD Projekt Red Community Manager Marcin Momot recently added fuel to the fire tweeting a GIF of actor Kenan Thompson noddingin response to a fan asking if the now famous medallion belonged to the school of the Lynx.

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So, info or intox ? Validate a theory straight out of the meanders of fan base by a simple tweet may seem light from a person in charge of the CD Projekt community like Marcin Momot. Nevertheless, it could be that CD Projekt Red listened to its community by truly creating this school, which would further bond the two parties. On the other hand, the studio could very well communicate on its future project through visuals displaying the other medallions from the Blaviken Butcher universe. Thus, this medallion would be a tribute to the most distinguished fans of the license heroic fantasy.


March 22, 2022

Obviously, nothing has been officially confirmed on the side of the Polish studio. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the questions to fall one after the other. Let’s admit all the same that this would be a nice maneuver with regard to the studio community.

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