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“There are no words”: in Texas, the emotion after the shooting in a school


Hundreds of Americans made the trip to this small Texas town where 19 children and two teachers were shot dead in their classrooms on Tuesday. Anonymous people who come to gather in front of the Robb primary school, in front of the 21 small white crosses. Europe 1 went there.


The birds singing near the Uvalde school are not enough to make people forget the tragedy. 21 small white crosses have been planted in front of the entrance. Each one bears the name of one of the victims shot two days ago. Martin Queroz has come to bring a small bouquet of purple flowers, which he places on the pile of flowers and balloons that are piling up. On one of the crosses, the name of a member of his family. “He was my little cousin. The pain, the suffering. There is nothing you can say to find comfort”, he confides at the microphone of Europe 1.

“I really have a lot of pain”

Annabelle Raïs, she came especially from Mexico, about 150 kilometers from Uvalde. She can’t contain her tears and constantly looks at her two daughters who are accompanying her. “Me too, I have two daughters. I really have a lot of pain. There are no words,” she says sadly.

A few steps away, dressed in an apple green jacket, a Shetland dog lets himself be petted by those who need it. Indigo Moon and his mistress Linda provide support for victims and first responders. “We worked with families, with children. Sometimes the children talk to the dog and that allows them to relax.

Two days after the massacre, Uvalde is still struck by the drama. And no one can say how long it will take to successfully turn the page.

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